The Best Way to Detox Post-Coachella

Photo: Variety.

Photo: Variety.

Photo: Trevor Goodman/Aggie.

Photo: Trevor Goodman/Aggie.


We all know and love Coachella for the music, the fashion, and the endless opportunities for good Instagram photos. But you haven't got the full Coachella experience unless you've inhaled insane amounts of dust, forgotten to eat and/or drink water for long periods of time, and been baked in the sun for hours on end. It's hard to remember to take care of your body when there are so many exciting events happening literally all around you. 

I know you've heard it all before; stay hydrated, don't forget to eat, wear sunscreen! I also know that it's way easier said than done to remember all these things. If you try your best to be healthy, and just can't hack it at this once-a-year festival, it's not the end of the world. It's not the best, but you're not out of luck! That's why I've compiled a list of the best ways I know to physically recover after something like Coachella. 

Let's get right into it!


Quick Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. My advice is not meant to treat or cure any physical ailments. These are simply some suggestions that I've either had first-hand experience with, or know people who have personally used these techniques. I absolutely encourage you to seek proper medical care if you feel sick or think you may have an illness. Stay safe!


After Coachella--or any long days of dancing, singing, and walking in the sun--the most important thing to remember is that you probably lost a lot of fluid and electrolytes via sweat and/or alcohol consumption if you can drink alcohol. Even if you think you drank enough water at the festival, you probably weren't drinking as much as your body actually wanted. That's why it's so important to hydrate after long events like this to make sure you not only recover lost hydration, but prevent future dehydration. Remember, your brain is 75% water! Without enough water, you're definitely not functioning properly. If you follow me on any of my social media, you probably already knew this, but my favorite water EVER is Essentia water. Something about it just makes me feel better, and I tend to drink more water when I have Essentia on hand. And trust me, I always do. I know I'm not the only one either! (This post is not at all sponsored, I just really really love this water.) 

If you're feeling very hungover, a common way to beat the dehydration (which is essentially what keeps you feeling sick all day) is to drink or consume things specifically made to replenish electrolytes, such as Pedialyte*. They make drink powders that you can take with you, bottles of pre-mixed electrolyte drinks, and even popsicles. Although they are made for children, they are sometimes effective in curing mild hangovers. If you have said what the hell? to a few drinks and aren't feeling your best, keep this tip in mind. 

 *I am in no way a medical professional, so use these products at your own risk, and please consult a medical professional if you feel that your dehydration is worse than just a mild hangover. I am also in no way endorsing alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption can be extremely detrimental to your health if not carefully managed. I personally do not drink. SLEEP


The old adage, "no rest for the wicked" definitely applies when it comes to Coachella. Unfortunately, people tend to start pre-gaming for festivals relatively early, and then go to the actual event, where they spend the entire day. By the time Coachella and all of the shenanigans are really over, it can sometimes get close to 3 or 4 A.M. I've been there. 

When you're with your friends it's really easy to think that sleep matters less than the great experiences you're having in the moment. But you're in your body for a long, long time and you only get one shot at taking care of it. It's important that you do a good job. If you really, really can't get a whole lot of sleep during the festival weekend, you should at least spend a lot of time post-Coachella in bed. If not asleep, at least sprawled out in sweatpants, with no intention of doing anything.

Your body appreciates any little minute of rejuvenation you can get.


Picking up a few green juices is a great, quick, and sometimes delicious way to replenish the nutrients you lost while accidentally fasting all day and eating junk food in the middle of the night. It's relatively easy to find, especially in the Los Angeles area. It can get a little pricey, but if you have enough money for a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks, you can probably splurge on something that's actually good for you. 

My favorite place to get healthy, tasty juices are Kreation and Pressed Juicery. If you're looking for a quick, easy boost of replenishment, you should definitely try a wellness shot. They're not for everyone. They definitely don't taste great unless you're a serious health nut, and they can be hard to gulp down, but they do wonders when you're feeling below the weather. If you can manage to swallow the whole thing, you'll probably feel better within a couple days. My favorite wellness shot for general well being and recovery is the Feel Better Tonic Shot. It has several different ingredients that all work together to recover your body and boost your immune system including Apple Cider Vinegar and Oregano Oil.

It's all too easy to exhaust yourself during a high-powered weekend and come back from it feeling a cold coming on, so this is great for that little pick-me-up you need.

face masks

Your skin deserves some love after the dry desert heat, the sun, possibly makeup, gems or glitter, or caked-on dust it endured all weekend. The best way to tackle your skin problems right after a weekend like that is through some hydrating, clarifying, soothing face masks. One of my favorites is definitely the Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks. If you're looking for some affordable soothing, hydrating masks, these are my favorite ones from that collection.

The sun has a tendency to cause breakouts, not to mention the sweat and the pores clogged with debris. Eating carnival food and/or late at night can also contribute to mild skin irritation. Keep on your skin regimen. If you don't have one yet, it's never too late!

I would also stay away from heavy makeup for a couple days after to avoid breaking out if your skin is on the more sensitive side.


Combine a nice hot bath with a face mask to relax your muscles after a long weekend of accidental exercise. You may not have been on a treadmill in a gym, or doing squats, but for this weekend you were dancing, jumping, walking, squatting, and sitting on uncomfortable surfaces. And I will bet you money that you are at least a little bit sore. (Or maybe that's just my out-of-shape self). Either way, your sweaty, dirty body could probably use a good scrubbing. Your pores are probably clogged with dust too, so the steam from the bath has multiple purposes. 

You never need to make your bathtub "aesthetic" to make it relaxing. Hot water all by itself does the trick. But if you do wanna make your bath extra luxurious, you could opt for a classic LUSH Bath Bomb*, or one of my favorite secrets: an oatmeal bath*. You can buy oatmeal baths at pretty much every drug store for cheap. They're marketed for dry skin, eczema, and other skin irritations, but do just fine for someone whose skin is relatively normal. It just adds a little extra moisture and softness to your skin. I don't personally mind the smell or feel of the oatmeal, but if you're not into literal oats floating around the water, maybe try a different kind of bath.

You could also soak in an epsom salt bath* if you're feeling extra sore and drained. They even have epsom salt that's scented with lavender or eucalyptus so you can have a little aromatherapy session at the same time as your bath.

*Obviously, please always check the ingredients to make sure that nothing in the bath will cause you to react poorly. It's always a good idea to do a small skin test before submerging your entire body in something that's potentially not good for you!


I hope you sincerely enjoyed yourself at Coachella Weekend One! I was screaming when I saw the livestream of Beyoncé and I am so sad that I wasn't there to experience that in person. Be sure to keep all my little tips in mind if you're still recovering from all the madness. If you're heading to Weekend Two in a few days, be sure to  drink water and wear sunscreen. A week is not a whole lot of time to recover and your body needs all the support it can get. If you're one of the smart ones who did everything they should've during Weekend One, kudos to you! 

As always, I hope this helped someone. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!